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The Lost 40s & 50s Capitol Masters LYRICS

Paroles Peggy Lee - The Lost 40s & 50s Capitol Masters en Français

  1. Paroles Ain't Goin' No Place
  2. Paroles A Cottage For Sale
  3. Paroles Don't Be So Mean To Baby
  4. Paroles Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did?
  5. Paroles I've Had My Moments
  6. Paroles Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  7. Paroles Trouble Is A Man
  8. Paroles Music Maestro Please
  9. Paroles It's Lovin' Time
  10. Paroles Ain'tcha Ever Comin' Back
  11. Paroles It Takes A Long Long Train With A Red Caboose
  12. Paroles The Freedom Train
  13. Paroles A Hundred Years From Today
  14. Paroles Keep Me In Mind
  15. Paroles Love (Your Spell Is Everywhere)
  16. Paroles Love Ye
  17. Paroles What'll It Getcha?
  18. Paroles (I Wanna Go Where You Go) Then I'll Be Happy
  19. Paroles I Don't Know What To Do Without You Baby
  20. Paroles Neon Signs
  21. Paroles A Man Wrote A Song
  22. Paroles Sunshine Cake
  23. Paroles Run For The Round House Nellie
  24. Paroles Cannonball Express
  25. Paroles Don't Give Me A Ring On The Telephone (Until You Give Me A Ring On My Hand)
  26. Paroles If I Could Steal You From Somebody Else
  27. Paroles Ay Ay Chug A Chug
  28. Paroles Something To Remember You By
  29. Paroles Climb Up The Mountain
  30. Paroles Pick Up Your Marbles (And Go Home)
  31. Paroles That Ol' Devil (Won't Get Me)
  32. Paroles If You Turn Me Down (Dee-Own-Down-Down)
  33. Paroles Boulevard Cafe
  34. Paroles It Never Happen' To Me
  35. Paroles So Far, So Good
  36. Paroles My Magic Heart
  37. Paroles Telling Me Yes, Telling Me No
  38. Paroles Shame On You
  39. Paroles Goin' On A Hayride

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