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Traduction Paul McCartney Paroles en Français

Populaire Paroles de Paul McCartney

  1. Paroles This Never Happened Before
  2. Paroles Hope Of Deliverance
  3. Paroles Pipes Of Peace
  4. Paroles Calico Skies
  5. Paroles Once Upon A Long Ago

Albums de Paul McCartney

Kisses On The Bottom (2012)

Good Evening New York City (2009)

Back In The World - Live (2003)

Back In The U.S. - Live 2002 (2002)

Wingspan: Hits And History (2001)

Paul Is Live (1993)

Off The Ground (1993)

Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) (1991)

Tripping The Live Fantastic - Highlights (1990)

Tripping The Live Fantastic (1990)

Other Songs

  1. Paroles 222
  2. Paroles A Day In The Life
  3. Paroles A Love For You
  4. Paroles All Things Must Pass
  5. Paroles All You Need Is Love
  6. Paroles And Remember To Be ... Cosmically Conscious
  7. Paroles Back On My Feet
  8. Paroles Big Boys Bickering
  9. Paroles Bridge Over River Suite
  10. Paroles Carry That Weight
  11. Paroles Comfort Of Love
  12. Paroles Cook Of The House
  13. Paroles Cosmically Conscious
  14. Paroles Country Dreamer
  15. Paroles Don't Break The Promises
  16. Paroles Down To The River
  17. Paroles Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart) Ecce
  18. Paroles End Of The End
  19. Paroles Fixing A Hole
  20. Paroles Flying To My Home
  21. Paroles Getting Better
  22. Paroles Girls School
  23. Paroles Give Ireland Back To The Irish
  24. Paroles Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End
  25. Paroles Good Day Sunshine
  26. Paroles Hands Of Love
  27. Paroles Hello Goodbye
  28. Paroles Hold Me Tight
  29. Paroles I Lie Around
  30. Paroles I Want You To Fly
  31. Paroles Inside Thing
  32. Paroles Johnny B. Goode
  33. Paroles Keep Coming Back To Love
  34. Paroles Kicked Around No More
  35. Paroles Lazy Dynamite
  36. Paroles Little Woman Love
  37. Paroles Long Leather Coat
  38. Paroles Long Tall Sally
  39. Paroles Loup
  40. Paroles Mama's Little Girl
  41. Paroles Mary Had A Little Lamb
  42. Paroles Maybe Baby
  43. Paroles Monkberry Moon Delight
  44. Paroles Mother Nature's Son
  45. Paroles Must Do Something About It
  46. Paroles Ode To A Koala Bear
  47. Paroles Oh Woman, Oh Why
  48. Paroles Peggy Sue
  49. Paroles Power Cut
  50. Paroles Rainclouds
  51. Paroles Richard Cory
  52. Paroles Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae
  53. Paroles Sally G
  54. Paroles San Ferry Anne
  55. Paroles Sgt Peppers / The End
  56. Paroles She Is So Beautiful
  57. Paroles She's Leaving Home
  58. Paroles She's My Baby
  59. Paroles Simple As That
  60. Paroles So Like Candy
  61. Paroles Soily
  62. Paroles Style Style
  63. Paroles Suicide
  64. Paroles Summer Of '59
  65. Paroles Sweet Sweet Memories
  66. Paroles That'll Be The Day
  67. Paroles The First Stone
  68. Paroles The Loveliest Thing
  69. Paroles The Mess
  70. Paroles The Note You Never Wrote
  71. Paroles Time To Hide
  72. Paroles Tragedy
  73. Paroles Twice In A Lifetime
  74. Paroles Vanilla Sky
  75. Paroles Walking In The Park With Eloise
  76. Paroles Warm & Beautiful
  77. Paroles We All Stand Together
  78. Paroles While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  79. Paroles Why So Blue
  80. Paroles Wino Junko
  81. Paroles Wings:Girls' School
  82. Paroles Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic & Pat Smear:Cut Me Some Slack
  83. Paroles A Room With A View
  84. Paroles Broadcast
  85. Paroles C'mon People
  86. Paroles Dance 'Til We're High
  87. Paroles Don't Stop Running
  88. Paroles For You Blue
  89. Paroles Go Now
  90. Paroles Gratia
  91. Paroles Growing Up Falling Down
  92. Paroles I Want To Walk You Home
  93. Paroles Is This Love?
  94. Paroles It's So Easy
  95. Paroles Juniors Farm
  96. Paroles Lifelong Passion
  97. Paroles Light From Your Lighthouse
  98. Paroles Lovers In A Dream
  99. Paroles Medley: Hold Me Tight, Lazy Dynamite, Hands Of Love, Power Cut
  100. Paroles Mister Bellamy
  101. Paroles Movement I - After Heavy Light Years
  102. Paroles Movement II - He Awoke Startled
  103. Paroles Movement III - Subtle Colours Merged Soft Contours
  104. Paroles Movement IV - Strings Pluck, Horns Blow, Drums Beat
  105. Paroles Musica
  106. Paroles My Soul
  107. Paroles No More Lonely Nights (Extended Version)
  108. Paroles No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)
  109. Paroles No More Lonely Nights (Special Dance Mix)
  110. Paroles Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
  111. Paroles Once Upon Along Ago (Long Version)
  112. Paroles Oobu Joobu
  113. Paroles Reception
  114. Paroles Sawain Ambient Acapella
  115. Paroles Sgt. Peppers The End
  116. Paroles Spiritus
  117. Paroles Sun Is Shining
  118. Paroles Travelling Light
  119. Paroles Two Magpies
  120. Paroles Universal Here, Everlasting Now
  121. Paroles Back In The U.S.S. R
  122. Paroles Cut Me Some Slack
  123. Paroles From A Friend To A Friend
  124. Paroles Girl (Mono)
  125. Paroles Glory Of Love
  126. Paroles Help!
  127. Paroles Hi Hi Hi
  128. Paroles Junk, For String Quartet
  129. Paroles Long And Winding Road
  130. Paroles Mrs. Vandebilt
  131. Paroles My Dark Hour
  132. Paroles Playboy To A Man
  133. Paroles Pound Is Sinking
  134. Paroles Run For Your Life (Mono)
  135. Paroles Same Time Next Year
  136. Paroles Think For Yourself (Mono)
  137. Paroles Three Legs
  138. Paroles Tommy's Coming Home
  139. Paroles Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney:FourFiveSeconds
  140. Paroles Hope For The Future

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