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Populaire Paroles de Elton John

  1. Paroles A Good Heart
  2. Paroles The One
  3. Paroles Bennie And The Jets
  4. Paroles Healing Hands
  5. Paroles The Measure Of A Man

Albums de Elton John

The Union (2010)

Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (2002)

One Night Only: The Greatest Hits (2000)

Love Songs (1995)

The Unsurpassed Dick James Demos, Volume 3 (1994)

Chartbusters Go Pop (1994)

Dick James Demos, Volume 1 (1992)

Rare Masters (1992)

The Very Best Of Elton John (1990)

To Be Continued... (1990)

  1. Paroles Bluesology:Come Back Baby
  2. Paroles Lady Samantha
  3. Paroles It's Me That You Need
  4. Paroles Your Song
  5. Paroles Rock And Roll Madonna
  6. Paroles Bad Side Of The Moon
  7. Paroles Take Me To The Pilot
  8. Paroles Border Song
  9. Paroles Sixty Years On
  10. Paroles Country Comfort
  11. Paroles Grey Seal
  12. Paroles Friends
  13. Paroles Levon
  14. Paroles Tiny Dancer
  15. Paroles Madman Across The Water
  16. Paroles Honky Cat
  17. Paroles Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
  18. Paroles Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)
  19. Paroles Daniel
  20. Paroles Crocodile Rock
  21. Paroles Bennie And The Jets
  22. Paroles Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  23. Paroles All The Girls Love Alice
  24. Paroles Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
  25. Paroles Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again)
  26. Paroles Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
  27. Paroles Jack Rabbit
  28. Paroles Harmony
  29. Paroles Screw You
  30. Paroles Step Into Christmas
  31. Paroles The Bitch Is Back
  32. Paroles Pinball Wizard
  33. Paroles Someone Saved My Life Tonight
  34. Paroles Philadelphia Freedom
  35. Paroles One Day (At A Time)
  36. Paroles Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  37. Paroles I Saw Her Standing There
  38. Paroles Island Girl
  39. Paroles Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
  40. Paroles Elton John & Kiki Dee:Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  41. Paroles I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)
  42. Paroles Ego
  43. Paroles Song For Guy
  44. Paroles Mama Can't Buy You Love
  45. Paroles Cartier
  46. Paroles Little Jeannie
  47. Paroles Donner Pour Donner
  48. Paroles Fanfare
  49. Paroles The Retreat
  50. Paroles Blue Eyes
  51. Paroles Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)
  52. Paroles I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
  53. Paroles I'm Still Standing
  54. Paroles Sad Songs (Say So Much)
  55. Paroles Act Of War
  56. Paroles Nikita
  57. Paroles Candle In The Wind
  58. Paroles Carla-Etude
  59. Paroles Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  60. Paroles I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
  61. Paroles Give Peace A Chance
  62. Paroles Sacrifice
  63. Paroles Made For Me
  64. Paroles You Gotta Love Someone
  65. Paroles I Swear I Heard The Night Talkin'
  66. Paroles Easier To Walk Away
  67. Paroles Suit Of Wolves
  68. Paroles Understanding Women
  69. Paroles Elton John & John Lennon:I Saw Her Standing There
  70. Paroles Bluesology:Come Back, Baby

Here And There (1976)

Blue Moves (1976)

Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975)

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)

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Other Songs

  1. Paroles Can You Feel The Love Tonight?/ko
  2. Paroles Circle Of Life/ko
  3. Paroles Circle Of Life/ru
  4. Paroles Imagine
  5. Paroles Approaching Armageddon
  6. Paroles Billy Fury
  7. Paroles Blitz Babies
  8. Paroles Born On The Fourth Of July
  9. Paroles Can You Feel The Love
  10. Paroles Citizen Jane
  11. Paroles Conquistador
  12. Paroles Corrugated Iron
  13. Paroles Desperation Train
  14. Paroles Duets
  15. Paroles Elton John / Candle In The Wind
  16. Paroles Friend Of The Flag
  17. Paroles Goodbye Norma Jean
  18. Paroles Hold Back The Night
  19. Paroles I Still Can't Believe That You're Gone
  20. Paroles Lover Her Like Me
  21. Paroles Lover's Cross
  22. Paroles Makin' Whoopie
  23. Paroles Monkey On My Back
  24. Paroles New Lone Ranger
  25. Paroles Phildelphia Freedom
  26. Paroles She Sends Shivers
  27. Paroles Shine Through
  28. Paroles Slow River
  29. Paroles Someone Saved My Life Tonigh
  30. Paroles Somthing About The Way You Look Tonight
  31. Paroles The One - Live
  32. Paroles Ugly Girls And Fat Boys
  33. Paroles Understanding Womem
  34. Paroles Valley Nights
  35. Paroles Venzuela
  36. Paroles Weight Of The World
  37. Paroles Whores Of Paris
  38. Paroles Yellow Brick Road
  39. Paroles Bruce Hornsby:Madman Across The Water
  40. Paroles Bruce Roberts:Emerald
  41. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:A Dream Come True
  42. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes
  43. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Gone To Shiloh
  44. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Hearts Have Turned To Stone
  45. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Hey Ahab
  46. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:I Should Have Sent Roses
  47. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:If It Wasn't For Bad
  48. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:In The Hands Of Angels
  49. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Jimmie Rodgers' Dream
  50. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Mandalay Again
  51. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Monkey Suit
  52. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:My Kind Of Hell
  53. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)
  54. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:The Best Part Of The Day
  55. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:There's No Tomorrow
  56. Paroles Elton John / Leon Russell:When Love Is Dying
  57. Paroles 16th Century Man
  58. Paroles A Simple Man
  59. Paroles A Step Too Far II
  60. Paroles Be Prepared
  61. Paroles Big Man In A Little Suit
  62. Paroles Bill Bones And The White Bird
  63. Paroles Billy And The Kids
  64. Paroles Bitch Is Back
  65. Paroles Blueberry Hill
  66. Paroles Can You Feel The Love Tonight II
  67. Paroles Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You
  68. Paroles Candle In The Wind 1997
  69. Paroles Choc Ice Goes Mental
  70. Paroles Chow Down
  71. Paroles Conquer The Sun
  72. Paroles Face To Face
  73. Paroles Fools In Fashion
  74. Paroles Fox
  75. Paroles Ghetto Gospel
  76. Paroles Hakuna Matata
  77. Paroles Hey Papa Legba
  78. Paroles Hier Encore
  79. Paroles Highlander
  80. Paroles I Feel Like A Bullit (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)
  81. Paroles I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  82. Paroles I Know Why I'm In Love
  83. Paroles If It Wasn't For Bad
  84. Paroles J'Veux De La Tendresse
  85. Paroles Letter
  86. Paroles Lonely Boy
  87. Paroles Lonely This Christmas
  88. Paroles Lord Of The Flies
  89. Paroles Love So Cold
  90. Paroles Measure Of A Man
  91. Paroles Medicine Man
  92. Paroles One
  93. Paroles Retreat
  94. Paroles Rocket Man '03
  95. Paroles Sad
  96. Paroles Stan
  97. Paroles Steal Away Child
  98. Paroles Tactics
  99. Paroles That's What Friends Are For
  100. Paroles The Gods Love Nubia
  101. Paroles The Lion King, Film Score
  102. Paroles The Madness Of King Scar
  103. Paroles The Morning Report
  104. Paroles The Wide Eyed And Laughing
  105. Paroles To Be Young Gifted And Black
  106. Paroles Tortured
  107. Paroles Twentieth Century Blues
  108. Paroles Un Paso De Mas
  109. Paroles Wake Up Wendy
  110. Paroles We All Fall In Love Sometime
  111. Paroles Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
  112. Paroles White Man Danger
  113. Paroles Whitewash Country
  114. Paroles Written In Stars
  115. Paroles Your So Static
  116. Paroles I'm Gonna Be A Teenage Idol
  117. Paroles Dans Van De Mantel
  118. Paroles Gezegend Nubië
  119. Paroles Het Gaat Altijd Over Liefde
  120. Paroles Orchestral Finale (Aida)
  121. Paroles Vergeet Hem
  122. Paroles Gary Barlow & Elton John:Face To Face
  123. Paroles Matthew Morrison & Elton John:Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters / Rocket Man
  124. Paroles If There's A God In Heaven
  125. Paroles Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

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