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Traduction B.B. King Paroles en Français

Populaire Paroles de B.B. King

  1. Paroles Blues Boys Tune
  2. Paroles Lucille
  3. Paroles Rock Me Baby
  4. Paroles Happy Birthday Blues
  5. Paroles There's Something On Your Mind

Albums de B.B. King

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Vol. 16- Blues - B.B. King (1 Of 4) (2007)

Gold (2006)

Chronicles (2005)

The Vintage Years (2002)

  1. Paroles Three O'Clock Blues
  2. Paroles You Know I Love You
  3. Paroles Woke Up This Morning (My Baby's Gone)
  4. Paroles Please Love Me
  5. Paroles Blind Love
  6. Paroles You Upset Me Baby
  7. Paroles Every Day (I Have The Blues)
  8. Paroles Ten Long Years
  9. Paroles Crying Won't Help You
  10. Paroles Did You Ever Love A Woman
  11. Paroles Bad Luck
  12. Paroles Sweet Little Angel
  13. Paroles Why I Sing The Blues
  14. Paroles Worry Worry
  15. Paroles Sweet Sixteen
  16. Paroles It's My Own Fault
  17. Paroles Good Man Gone Bad
  18. Paroles I'll Survive
  19. Paroles Walking Dr. Bill
  20. Paroles You're Breaking My Heart
  21. Paroles Gonna Miss You Around Here
  22. Paroles Downhearted
  23. Paroles Ain't Nobody's Bizness
  24. Paroles Rock Me Baby
  25. Paroles B.B.'s Boogie
  26. Paroles Mistreated Woman
  27. Paroles The Other Night Blues
  28. Paroles Walkin' And Cryin'
  29. Paroles My Baby's Gone
  30. Paroles Don't You Want A Man Like Me
  31. Paroles She's Dynamite
  32. Paroles B.B.'s Blues
  33. Paroles A New Way Of Driving
  34. Paroles Questionnaire Blues
  35. Paroles Hard Working Woman
  36. Paroles She's A Mean Woman
  37. Paroles Pray For You
  38. Paroles That Ain't The Way To Do It
  39. Paroles She Don't Move Me No More
  40. Paroles Fine Looking Woman
  41. Paroles Shake It Up And Go
  42. Paroles I Gotta Find My Baby
  43. Paroles Some Day Somewhere
  44. Paroles You Didn't Want Me
  45. Paroles Story From My Heart And Soul
  46. Paroles Boogie Woogie Woman
  47. Paroles Highway Bound
  48. Paroles Neighborhood Affair
  49. Paroles Why Did You Leave Me
  50. Paroles Praying To The Lord
  51. Paroles Please Help Me
  52. Paroles Love You Baby
  53. Paroles When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
  54. Paroles Woman I Love
  55. Paroles Everything I Do Is Wrong
  56. Paroles Whole Lot Of Loving
  57. Paroles Boogie Rock (House Rocker)
  58. Paroles Dark Is The Night, Pt. 1
  59. Paroles Dark Is The Night, Pt. 2
  60. Paroles Let's Do The Boogie
  61. Paroles Confessin' The Blues
  62. Paroles Baby, Look At You
  63. Paroles You Don't Know
  64. Paroles Be Careful With A Fool
  65. Paroles Recession Blues
  66. Paroles Days Of Old
  67. Paroles You Know I Go For You
  68. Paroles Don't Look Now But I've Got The Blues
  69. Paroles Sweet Thing
  70. Paroles I've Got Papers On You, Baby
  71. Paroles Tomorrow Is Another Day
  72. Paroles Sneakin' Around
  73. Paroles Please Accept My Love
  74. Paroles Early In The Morning
  75. Paroles On My Word Of Honor
  76. Paroles Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  77. Paroles Why Not
  78. Paroles Precious Lord
  79. Paroles I'm King
  80. Paroles Baby Please Don't Go
  81. Paroles Mean Ole Frisco
  82. Paroles I've Got A Right To Love My Baby
  83. Paroles Catfish Blues
  84. Paroles Partin' Time
  85. Paroles Bad Luck Soul
  86. Paroles You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
  87. Paroles Get Out Of Here
  88. Paroles Hold That Train
  89. Paroles Bad Case Of Love
  90. Paroles Let Me Love You
  91. Paroles Mashed Potato Twist
  92. Paroles Got 'Em Bad
  93. Paroles Christmas Celebration
  94. Paroles Down Now
  95. Paroles Beautician Blues
  96. Paroles The Worst Thing In My Life
  97. Paroles Blue Shadows
  98. Paroles It's A Mean World
  99. Paroles Five Long Years
  100. Paroles Make Me Blue
  101. Paroles Blues Stay Away From Me
  102. Paroles Long Gone Baby
  103. Paroles The Jungle
  104. Paroles That Evil Child

B.B.'s Blues (2001)

The Best Of The Kent Singles 1958-1971 (2000)

Anthology (2000)

Riding With The King (2000)

Let The Good Times Roll (1999)

Greatest Hits (1998)

How Blue Can You Get Classic Live Performances 1964 To 1994 (1996)

How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 To 1994 (1996)

Heart To Heart (1994)

My Sweet Little Angel (1992)

Heart And Soul (1992)

The Best Of B.B. King, Vol. 1 (1991)

Great Moments With B.B. King (1982)

From The Beginning (1967)

King Of The Blues (1960)

  1. Paroles I've Got A Right To Love My Baby
  2. Paroles Good Man Gone Bad
  3. Paroles Partin' Time
  4. Paroles What A Way To Go
  5. Paroles Long Nights
  6. Paroles Feel Like A Million
  7. Paroles I'll Survive
  8. Paroles If I Lost You
  9. Paroles You're On Top
  10. Paroles I'm King
  11. Paroles (You've Become A) Habit To Me
  12. Paroles Drowning In The Sea Of Love
  13. Paroles Can't Get Enough
  14. Paroles Standing On The Edge
  15. Paroles Go On
  16. Paroles Let's Straighten It Out
  17. Paroles Change In Your Loving
  18. Paroles Undercover Man
  19. Paroles Lay Another Log On The Fire
  20. Paroles Business With My Baby Tonight
  21. Paroles Take Off Your Shoes
  22. Paroles Miss Martha King
  23. Paroles She's Dynamite
  24. Paroles Three O'Clock Blues
  25. Paroles Please Love Me
  26. Paroles You Upset Me Baby
  27. Paroles Every Day (I Have The Blues)
  28. Paroles Rock Me Baby
  29. Paroles Recession Blues
  30. Paroles Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  31. Paroles I'm Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In
  32. Paroles Blues At Midnight
  33. Paroles Sneakin' Around
  34. Paroles My Baby's Comin' Home
  35. Paroles Slowly Losing My Mind
  36. Paroles How Blue Can You Get
  37. Paroles Rockin' Awhile)
  38. Paroles Help The Poor
  39. Paroles Stop Leadin' Me On
  40. Paroles Never Trust A Woman
  41. Paroles Sweet Little Angel
  42. Paroles All Over Again
  43. Paroles Sloppy Drunk
  44. Paroles Don't Answer The Door
  45. Paroles I Done Got Wise
  46. Paroles Think It Over
  47. Paroles Gambler's Blues
  48. Paroles Goin' Down Slow
  49. Paroles Tired Of Your Jive
  50. Paroles Sweet Sixteen
  51. Paroles Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
  52. Paroles I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me
  53. Paroles Lucille
  54. Paroles Watch Yourself
  55. Paroles You Put It On Me
  56. Paroles Get Myself Somebody
  57. Paroles I Want You So Bad
  58. Paroles Why I Sing The Blues
  59. Paroles Get Off My Back Woman
  60. Paroles Please Accept My Love
  61. Paroles Fools Get Wise
  62. Paroles No Good
  63. Paroles So Excited
  64. Paroles The Thrill Is Gone
  65. Paroles Confessin' The Blues
  66. Paroles Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
  67. Paroles Hummingbird
  68. Paroles Ask Me No Questions
  69. Paroles Chains And Things
  70. Paroles Eyesight To The Blind
  71. Paroles Niji Baby
  72. Paroles Blue Shadows
  73. Paroles Ghetto Woman
  74. Paroles Ain't Nobody Home
  75. Paroles I Got Some Help I Don't Need
  76. Paroles Five Long Years
  77. Paroles To Know You Is To Love You
  78. Paroles I Like To Live The Love
  79. Paroles Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes
  80. Paroles Let The Good Times Roll
  81. Paroles Don't You Lie To Me
  82. Paroles Mother Fuyer
  83. Paroles Never Make A Move Too Soon
  84. Paroles When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)
  85. Paroles Better Not Look Down
  86. Paroles Caldonia
  87. Paroles There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
  88. Paroles Play With You Poodle
  89. Paroles You Know I Love You
  90. Paroles Inflation Blues
  91. Paroles Make Love To Me
  92. Paroles Into The Night (Theme)
  93. Paroles Six Silver Strings
  94. Paroles When Love Comes To Town
  95. Paroles Right Time, Wrong Place
  96. Paroles Many Miles Travelled
  97. Paroles I'm Moving On
  98. Paroles Since I Met You Baby (With Gary Moore)

Other Songs

  1. Paroles Long Distance Call
  2. Paroles Making Me Blue
  3. Paroles As Used In The Film Species II
  4. Paroles Backwater Blues
  5. Paroles Blues Before Sunrise
  6. Paroles Blues Come Over Me
  7. Paroles Come Rain Or Come Shine
  8. Paroles Cryin' Won't Help You Babe - With David Gilmour & Paul Carrack
  9. Paroles Dangerous Mood - With Joe Cocker
  10. Paroles Don't Break Your Promise
  11. Paroles Everday I Have The Blues
  12. Paroles From The Bottom
  13. Paroles Get These Blues Off Me
  14. Paroles Goin' Home
  15. Paroles Habit To Me, (You've Become A)
  16. Paroles How Many More Years
  17. Paroles I Get So Weary
  18. Paroles I Need You
  19. Paroles I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living
  20. Paroles In The Middle Of An Island (Previously Unreleased)
  21. Paroles Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
  22. Paroles Key To The Highway (alt)
  23. Paroles Low Rider
  24. Paroles Marry You
  25. Paroles Medley: 3 O'Clock Blues / Darlin' You Know I Love You
  26. Paroles Midnight Blues
  27. Paroles Mini Bar Blues
  28. Paroles My Love Is Down
  29. Paroles New Way Of Driving
  30. Paroles Patches
  31. Paroles Riding With The King (original Version)
  32. Paroles Riding With The King
  33. Paroles See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  34. Paroles Since I Met You Baby - With Gary Moore
  35. Paroles Sine I Fell For You
  36. Paroles Sitting On Top Of The World
  37. Paroles Someday Somewhere
  38. Paroles Street Life
  39. Paroles Telephone Song
  40. Paroles The Road I Travel
  41. Paroles The World Gone Wrong
  42. Paroles The World Is Gone Wrong
  43. Paroles Time Marches On
  44. Paroles Traoubles, Troubles, Troubles
  45. Paroles Waiting For Your Call
  46. Paroles Want To Get Married
  47. Paroles Woman's Got Soul
  48. Paroles Worried Life Blues
  49. Paroles You Don't Know Me (alt)
  50. Paroles You've Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
  51. Paroles On The Way
  52. Paroles I'd Rather Go Blind
  53. Paroles B.B. King, The Robert Cray Band, Jimmie Vaughan & Hubert Sumlin:Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
  54. Paroles Gary Moore & B.B. King:Since I Met You Baby
  55. Paroles Arthur Adams & B.B. King:The Long Haul
  56. Paroles Sonny Boy Williamson With B.B. King:From The Bottom
  57. Paroles Peace To The World

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